Win a $100 USD Bill!

Yep. I’m running a contest. It’s time to get some people floating around at my site, my Twitter, my YouTube channel, and my Patreon page as there will be much content coming out. I’m not going to say much more. This contest starts today and ends on the 29th of February. So you’ve got a month to rack up as many entries as possible. Here’s how: Continue reading “Win a $100 USD Bill!”

Bayalee Fox a.k.a. @itsmebayalee

I’ve been pushing this particular artist all over the place on the interwebs. She’s known as Bayalee Fox. She is my daughter’s friend. I happened to notice one of her videos one day on Twitter. I decided to go take a look. This is what I found:

That got my attention. So I Continue reading “Bayalee Fox a.k.a. @itsmebayalee”