Way Too Much Content

Hey! It’s little old me in text format again. Bet you never thought you’d see this again with all of those videos I’ve been posting here. Well, I was going to do a vLog about an issue I’ve been having since I got the new Internet and got all “gung-ho” about making content and streaming. But I decided to Continue reading “Way Too Much Content”

Bayalee Fox a.k.a. @itsmebayalee

I’ve been pushing this particular artist all over the place on the interwebs. She’s known as Bayalee Fox. She is my daughter’s friend. I happened to notice one of her videos one day on Twitter. I decided to go take a look. This is what I found:

That got my attention. So I Continue reading “Bayalee Fox a.k.a. @itsmebayalee”

You are an amazing human being! #yaaahb

I recently did something that felt weird. I posted a tweet that said “You are beautiful!” I didn’t target it to anyone. I just let it fly, and considering my tweets get “automagically” posted in other places, it went all over.

Why do I say it felt weird? Continue reading “You are an amazing human being! #yaaahb”

January 2016 Update – I’m Still Alive

It’s been almost exactly a year since last time I posted on this site. I apologize for that. A lot has happened in the last year that has kept me busy. For instance, I am the Chief Minion for PurpleMentat, a YouTuber I loved to watch and now work for. My nephews have also moved in with us. So there are six people living in the house now. And I’ve also decided Continue reading “January 2016 Update – I’m Still Alive”

Turning 40

You know. I turned 40 almost 5 hours ago. I’d love to be able to write something profound. My 40 years of experience had to create some kind of grand view of life, right? Not really. Things are much the way they were when I was a “young’un.”

I still need to respect my elders, there’s just less of them.

I remember doing terribly unintelligent and sophomoric things when a large group of us got together. It still happens. The name just changed from “clique” or “gang” to “congre Continue reading “Turning 40”