How do I contact you?

Send me snail mail to:

P.O. Box 299
Falmouth, KY 41040
United States


Use the form below to send me a message. I look forward to reading it!

How do I support you?
First of all, thank you so much. The fact you’re even bothering reading this answer means the world to me. I love it when people like what I do, just like most people. But the fact you might want to help me? That is absolutely amazing! So there are a few ways to support me:

    1. You can support me through Patreon. You’ll get rewards for doing so.
    2. You can send me a tip. You’ll get the same rewards as patrons do depending on how much you tip.
    3. You can Humble Partnerbuy something from Humble Bundle using my link. I’ll get a portion of the purchase.
    4. You can buy some of my merchandise.
    5. You can buy me something on Steam. I’ll play the game on my channel.

These are FREE:

  1. You can subscribe to my YouTube account so you can always know when I put out new videos.
  2. You can follow me on Twitter to read the latest updates about my projects and me.
  3. You can follow me on Mixer to find out when I’m streaming.
  4. You can subscribe to The Ciprania Guardian, our email newsletter.

Thanks again for even thinking of supporting me. Have an awesome rest of the day!

Can I play with you on your server? While you're recording and/or streaming?

Yes! Check out the “Noble” level on my Patreon at http://saph.link/pt.
Who or what is a Cipranian and what are the different ranks for?

Back when I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, I had used my “Saphrym” name in short form for my first name: Saph. But I needed a last name. It took me a few minutes, but I finally settled on “Cipra.” Since then, I have used variations on that name for many things. I’ve used “Ciprania” as the name of cities. I’ve used “Cipranian” as the name of a ship. Etc.

Most recently, however, even though I continue to use the name for those purposes, a “Cipranian” is an official patron. In other words, they are someone who has donated to me through Patreon or possibly earned the title through many favors, gifts, etc. “Cipranians” are the people I want to give back to because they’ve given so much to me in whatever form they could.

There are 5 ranks of Cipranians:

  • Royal Cipranians – These are my closest friends and supporters. The quickest way to NEVER become a Royal is to ask HOW to become a Royal.
  • VICs – They also know why they are are VICs.
  • Noble Cipranians – If you pledge at the “Noble” level or higher on my Patreon, you get this access which comes with special access on Discord and on Noble only events and servers.
  • Knight Cipranians – If you pledge at the “Knight” level or higher on my Patreon, you get this access which comes with special access on Discord and mention in my videos.
  • Cipranians – Being an awesome member of the community on Discord gets you this rank.

As for, “In the [Insert Small Space Here],” Fergcraft knows what he did.

What is your recording/streaming schedule?

Click here: Saph’s Schedule
Who are you?
I was born in a small town within a small town. Yep, kind of like putting a sandwich bag in a freezer bag. Bibb City fit snuggly into Columbus, GA. The Chattahoochee River was nearby. Imagine a really deep river with outlets that form small lakes. Now imagine the plug is pulled from the sink. You get Bibb City. It was basically a bowl. But it was a nice bowl. Little green flowers and smiling faces etched all over it.

Fast forward to a few years later, when my parents moved me away from the “promised land” and into the swampland. I lived in a small town called LaPlace, LA. It had some pretentious people living in it. No offense to anyone reading this who was from there. Heck, just the name meant “The Place” as if it was the only place that was worthy of being called “the” place.

Fast forward to meeting my wonderful wife, and a few years later when my daughter was born. The best days of my life started there. Don’t get me wrong, I loved hanging out with the high school friends (even though it was in Louisiana), but the wife and child are quite special to me.

Fast forward yet again to living with my in-laws in/near the big city of New Orleans. Ok. Enough of that.

Fast forward finally to Kentucky. Yet again, and happily so, a small town called Maysville. I’m once again in the “promised land” and am quite happy to spend the rest of my working days here. Sorry, but retirement will require a large block of metal on wheels with a bedroom, bathroom, satellite Internet and television, and yes, even a kitchen sink. But I’m not there yet. So as I raise my beautiful child with my wonderful wife, we will spend our time in Maysville. The scenery is gorgeous. And it’s not flat. Louisiana was flat. And wet. Kind of like a pancake before it’s had time to cook. Maysville is a juicy steak and a side salad.

Oh, and no offense to those living in Louisiana either. Nothing against the people, just the place was so flat. And wet. And hot. And… Well, you get the point.

As for other details about me, I have a B.A. in English, an M.A in Teaching, an M.B.A. and experience with Special Education students. I love video games. I practice magic tricks in my spare time. I design web sites and graphics. I write. I also… [walks off mentioning all the little things he’s done and enjoyed in his lifetime while chewing on a toothpick]

Where did the name 'Saphrym' come from?

My real name is Mike White. Do a Google search for Mike White. I am not found anywhere near the top of the list. Why? Too many Mike Whites. There is no other Saphrym. There is also no other Mike White like me. So I wanted my pen name as original as humans are.

The secret to the name is the use of Scrabble tiles. I pulled out seven of them and rearranged them. I ended up with three different names. Saphrym was one of them. It reminded me of a wise wizard, which is what I was looking for at the time. But I liked it enough to keep it as my pen name.

Also, I sometimes change my name for the holidays. Recent ones have included “Boophrym” for Halloween and “Saphing Paper” for Christmas. I tend to change the avatar I use to match those also.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter, The Ciprania Guardian?
Who is Quincy?

I’ll let him introduce himself: Introducing Quicy

Now… Do I actually have multiple personality disorder? No. But like everyone else, I have those voices in my head. You know the ones. When someone says something dumb and you curse him out or call him an idiot in your mind, that’s a little voice. So I have decided to give these voices a place to play when I edit my videos. I hope you enjoy them.

What are your computer specs and what kind of gear do you use?

I’ll make this one simple and keep an updated Kit list with all of the gear I use: Current Gear
Are you ever going to start making ASMR videos and, if yes, when?

Maybe? And unknown. Have to figure out what they are first.
Why is 'such-and-such' question not listed here?

Simple answer? It hasn’t been asked. Feel free to go ask me a question on Twitter. I’ll definitely respond there. And if I like the question enough, it’ll end up here with a link to your Twitter account. I look forward to all of the wonderful questions you’ll ask!