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Hey! It’s little old me in text format again. Bet you never thought you’d see this again with all of those videos I’ve been posting here. Well, I was going to do a vLog about an issue I’ve been having since I got the new Internet and got all “gung-ho” about making content and streaming. But I decided to go back to my roots instead for this one.

The problem was I had set up a schedule where I would play 3 different games EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY. That means 15 different games every week, which meant 12 different series (as I could repeat them on Tuesday through Friday) and 3 completely new games every Monday. I thought this would be content overload and I asked other people. They agreed. So I have changed the schedule. I’ll still be putting out a guaranteed 12 videos every week, but now they are limited to 5 series and 2 streams that could be anything. Below is the new schedule, also found on my FAQ page:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Record XCOM 2 Minecraft XCOM 2 Minecraft XCOM 2
Ghost 1.0 Stories: The Path of Destinies Tales from the Borderlands Stories: The Path of Destinies Ghost 1.0
Minecraft will be different modpacks. One will be Vaygrim’s Chance Season 4. The other could be anything. Games played are subject to change if I either finish the game, or we get tired of the series.
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Stream Random 1pm Eastern 1pm Eastern 1pm Eastern Random
I reserve the right to stream outside of the above schedule. Subscribe to me on YouTube or follow me on Twitter to find out when. All streams will be whatever I feel like playing at the time. I may do some Minecraft grinding, try new games, write, or anything else. I just want to hang out with you while doing them. Also, all streams will be an hour, give or take.

Hopefully that works for you, as a viewer. It allows me to focus on series that I already know you like. It limits the number of 1 hour stream archives that will be on my channel. It also lets me play these games that I enjoy more often. I find that usually when I record a 20-30 minute episode, I really wanted to keep going. So this lets me do that sooner.

The “series” that I started over the last couple of days, like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tales from the Borderlands, well they will continue. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will continue in the future and Tales from the Borderlands will continue as seen in the schedule above. For some reason, you really watched the heck out of the first episode, so I figured I’d “give the people what they want” at least once a week.

Well, there you have it, an actual text explanation for something instead of a vLog. I kind of miss this. I really need to do some more writing soon.

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