Saph Performs a Reading – I Can Remember (Happy Mother’s Day)

The original poem was written over a year ago:

Spend time with your mother. It doesn’t have to be your biological mother. Just spend time with the person you feel is your true mother. It could be an aunt, a foster parent, etc. Take some time to spend with them this weekend.

My mother passed away on my wedding anniversary the year my daughter was born. I can’t spend time with her now. So this weekend I will be spending time with my daughter’s mother.

I’ll see you Monday.

The Heart Problem

It begins with that tight feeling in your chest. That feeling that makes you hope you’ve only trapped some carbon dioxide a little bit below your throat. It makes you hope that it’s nothing but indigestion. It makes you hope. But it also scares the crap out of you when you touch your neck and find that your heartbeat is skipping.

As I tumbled into the warm sheets I felt that tightness in my chest. It felt odd. It felt different. But then I felt that skipping heart beat. I called my doctor the next day. I wish I hadn’t and I’m glad I did.

I was Continue reading “The Heart Problem”

Cocoon of an Angel

On the white sheets lie shades of peach and crimson.
Her brown eyes see tears rolling through the room.
A framed portrait presents a denied future.
Aching, the pale lids close and absorb peace.

The progeny, cheeks wet, quit to another room.
One remains, trembling and daring to defy,
Fingernails dig into the flesh of numb hands.
His mind’s voice screams to the heavens: Continue reading “Cocoon of an Angel”