This is My Scream

Have you ever woke up and realized you’ve lost hope? Have you ever woke up and realized there was a stone wall around your soul keeping everything good and pure out and opening only for the legions of dark thoughts that fly around looking to corrupt you? Have you ever woke up and looked at yourself in the mirror and saw a creature that your darkest nightmares would be afraid of? Have you ever woke up with black fire surrounding you, burning
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Cocoon of an Angel

On the white sheets lie shades of peach and crimson.
Her brown eyes see tears rolling through the room.
A framed portrait presents a denied future.
Aching, the pale lids close and absorb peace.

The progeny, cheeks wet, quit to another room.
One remains, trembling and daring to defy,
Fingernails dig into the flesh of numb hands.
His mind’s voice screams to the heavens: Continue reading “Cocoon of an Angel”

The Prick

Her fingertips caress the end of the stem.
Petals echo their scent with every breath.
She walks at a slow pace, staring at the windows.
Her reflection smiles beside the open bloom.

Clouds surround her feet as she thinks of the days,
When the world is better because he’s near.
Each glance at another shows only his face.
Only his smile. Only Continue reading “The Prick”