A Real Husband

I’m not the perfect husband. Nobody can be. It just doesn’t happen. Why do I mention this? Because I am one of those guys that “hears all, sees all, but doesn’t know anything.”[1]. What I mean is, I listen to people, but I stay out of stuff and never repeat things. This tends to let me hear all kinds of stuff as people tend to vent to me because they know they are safe doing so. After years of this, I have come to a sad conclusion: Husbands suck.

To explain what I mean, I’ll go through a few “A real husband…” statements[2]. I don’t know how many I’ll do, but hopefully you’ll get my point. In the comments, feel free to add more. So without further ado…

A real husband…

  • … does not use his wife as a punching bag. And I mean this in every metaphorical way also. No hitting your wife. No screaming at your wife. No abuse of your wife in any way. It’s wrong. Pure and simple.
  • … takes the headset out of his ear and listens to his wife instead. Phone conversations are a necessary part of today’s world. But communication in a marriage is extremely important.
  • … buys feminine products at the drug store without whining about it. They also know which products to buy.
  • … carries his wife’s purse when she needs him to.
  • … holds his wife’s hair when she’s puking in the toilet. He also gets a wash cloth and wipes her face for her.
  • … doesn’t complain about the money spent on a woman’s hair unless a) he actually notices the new hair and b) he learns to do it himself for her. If you’ve never done your wife’s hair[3], then you’ve never experienced a truly personal experience.
  • … learns more about his wife than he knows about sports.
  • … puts down the game controller and does the dishes and laundry every once in a while.
  • … doesn’t get upset if his wife makes more money than he does.
  • … compromises and shares with his wife.
  • … trusts his wife and makes darn sure he is trustworthy. Without trust, there is no relationship.
  • … actually thinks before buying a gift for his wife. May even do handmade gifts that have had tons of thought put into them.

Now, to be fair to the husbands who do these things, I have to say this:

A real wife does not get spoiled or take advantage of their husband when they do things like this for them.[4]

So, does anyone have any others they’d like to add? Maybe the guys out there feel left out and want to do some “A real wife…” comments. Feel free to reply and add as many as you’d like.

Footnotes (or possibly random gibberish):
  1. Actually, I normally say that differently, but the wording doesn’t matter as much as the sentiment[]
  2. This is also good advice for boyfriends[]
  3. or your husband’s[]
  4. That’s right ladies. Don’t give your husband a reason to regret being a real husband.[]

Author: Saphrym

I am a father, husband, teacher, thinker, reader, and writer. I talk to inanimate objects which tend to talk back to me. Just kidding. They whisper.

9 thoughts on “A Real Husband”

  1. A real husband tells his wife that she is beautiful, even if she refuses to agree. He says he loves her everyday. A real husband tries his best to hide his annoyance at her forgetfulness. He eats her burnt cinnamon rolls and says he likes them that way.. It’s not just the big things but the small ones that make a real husband.

    1. Even if a women says ( i look like shit, ) doesnt mean he should say na its ok?
      Shouldnt he say something like … no my angel im looking at the best view in sydney!!!
      Some guys are asses!

  2. I have a real husband–he does all of these and MORE!! In addition, I think a real husband deserves to know and be told in more ways than a few– that he is wonderful, great, amazing, funny, sexy, talented, needed, wanted…. and not only in words but also deeds! They are still out there but we as ladies must put into a real husband what we want to get out of them. :-)

  3. It’s so funny to read about marriage, I remember myself when I wasn’t married. Back then I could do a lot of silly things and mistakes, but now I have to respect some rules in order to have peace and quiet, haha. I think we’re all real husbands!

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