No. I Mean Really Bad Luck.

Quite a few things have happened in my life in just the last couple of days. Well, ok. Only one thing. But it’s composed of many little things. I got a new job. I am now a teacher at a high school about an hour away. Great, right? Yep. A dream of mine. I am overly ecstatic and I’m not being sarcastic. However, after I got the job, following are the things that have happened to me:

  1. I go to the school for an interview. I guess I ace the interview because not long after I leave, I get a call that they want me to substitute teach for the position until the end of the week to make sure we were a fit for each other. I get happy. I drive back to the school to get paperwork done. I’m told, “See you tomorrow,” and sent on my way. I’m still happy but I begin to realize I just took a job that will test me by fire. I start freaking. A little.
  2. I pick up the family along the way home. We walk in the door. The house smells like rotten eggs. “Gas,” I think. I freak again. I call the gas company. They check around. They test. No gas leak. Was coming from somewhere else. I stop freaking until I remember the job.
  3. I go to bed and wake up. There’s ice on the roads. They’re salting them so it will ok. I take a shower and get ready for work. I head out. Car slides backwards. I freak. I call the school and tell them the situation. They understand and ask me to come when the roads are clear. I stop freaking until I remember I’m still going to the job. Seniors. They have teeth.
  4. The roads clear because the sun comes out. I get happy. I start driving to work. In front of me are a few cars that decide that 35 is the new 55. I snail my way to work about an hour later than expected. I freak again because they really wanted me to be there for at least one certain class. I walk in and it’s the end of that class, but enough time to introduce me to them. I stop freaking until I realize the seniors are my next class. I mentioned seniors have teeth, right?

And that was my last 24 hours. I had amazingly good luck getting the job. The other was bad luck. No. I mean really bad luck. Or so I thought. But then I remembered Haiti.

Update 3/19/2011: The job fell through a long time ago. Forgot to update this. And my mention of Haiti was because of how bad they had it at the time. If this post was written today it would say Japan instead.

Author: Saphrym

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12 thoughts on “No. I Mean Really Bad Luck.”

  1. ha ha ha, well, Congratulations for getting the job.

    I remember it happened in a very similar fashion with me, It was my interview that day, first there was huge traffic jam on my way, later when I cleared the jam, my car tyre got punctured…lol

    happens sometimes :)

  2. Haha! Well, as someone who’s been a High School teacher myself, I say relax and enjoy!

    If you have a good class the kids can be fun to work with. Have fun teaching! Life’s too short not to.

    1. Actually, I did enjoy the students. However, I did not get to keep the job. Nothing I did. They just had to allow a new applicant to try and she had 5 years experience. But it was fun while it lasted.

  3. Always trumped by experience – the other had more, you have too much, you have not enough… That you seriously want to teach will be the thing that lands you the job sooner or later, Mike. (Oh, and seniors are the ones flapping their wings to test them out. Lots of fun to be had there.)

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