The 7 Taboo Topics

Here’s a few major taboo topics and how I feel about them. I think we should all be willing to talk about things like this in a civil manner. Feel free to disagree and state your own opinion. I’d love to hear it and I promise I won’t bite your head off for giving it.

1: God.
After many years of learning about the different religions and versions of them, I have come to a conclusion (this coming from a man who was music director at a Baptist church for 7 years from the age of 14): I believe in faith. But I believe that everyone has a different way of connecting to their faith. Wiccans believe in nature, and they have faith. Christians believe in Jesus, and they have faith. Scientists and logical thinkers connect through the senses, but they also have faith, as they have theories without all of the facts, but they still believe in something. I connect to my faith through Christianity because it was how I was raised and it makes the most sense to me because of that. If I was raised Wiccan or by a scientific minded family, I probably would connect to my faith in a much different way.

2: Organized Religion.
Organized religion is not truly the problem. Sure, I’ve seen my share of people in large groups being stupid. I’ve watched a church vote out a pastor who was a good man only to turn around and leave the church because it was without pastor. I’ve seen friends of mine burn thousands of dollars worth of Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons cards and books because Pat Robertson told them they represented the devil. I’ve read about the Crusades. But the people getting the “air time” are a minority among the groups. They are the fanatics and the hypocrites. They are the men who praise God, condemn homosexuals, and then come out of the closet. They are the men and women who preach “mercy” and “love” but put a small town bar out of business by building a church within 50 yards.

I’m all for getting together and praising my faith. I’m all for enjoying the brotherhood and sisterhood of my fellow human beings. I’m all for loving one another. I’m not for killing someone over their faith. I’m not for being hypocritical. I’m not for fanaticism. I’m for an open mind and an open heart.

3: Evolution.
These days, every generation is physically and mentally better than the last. I know I’m going to get reamed about saying that, but it’s true. I could go on all day about showing the proof, but I’m not. The problem is everything moves so fast that wisdom is playing a much smaller role in the hearts and minds of the generations. So do we evolve as a race? Most certainly. Could we have evolved from apes? Definitely. Could we have evolved from bacteria? There is nothing to say that it didn’t happen. There is nothing to say that it did. It’s conjecture, and it always will be. And before you start throwing Genesis in my face, remember that the Bible is not meant to be taken literally. It is a teaching tool for morals. God did not create the earth and the heavens in seven of our days. This is conjecture also, but when a being exists eternally, a day to him could be millions of years to us, plenty of time to go swimming in the evolutionary pool.

4: Abortion.
Abortion sucks. No one is gonna say different. But the legalization of it is a necessary evil. Weigh the pros and cons. Seriously. Write a list of all of the pros of keeping abortion legal and all of the cons of doing so. Next to each item, put a number from 1 to 10, 10 being really important to you and 1 being much less important but a pro or con nonetheless. Add up the numbers. Which side wins? That is your moral view of abortion. Now, imagine walking to your car. You’re fumbling with your keys at the lock and drop them. You reach down to pick them up and a large hand presses on your back, locking you in place. Imagine the next week you find yourself pregnant with a baby that you can’t love, or a baby with genetic defects that will kill it by the age of 5, or a baby that is killing you. Would you bring it to term? Make your list again. Make sure to include the rusty scalpels, smell of alcoholic beverages, and the lack of being able to ever have another child again.

5: Flag Burning
We have the right to burn the flag, but that does not necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do. Heck, you have the right to snort talcum powder and pepper flakes up your nose. Doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do either.

6: Capitol punishment.
I am a God-loving Christian. “Turn the other cheek” works in most situations. Heck, one of the best working responses I had for insults thrown in my direction was “Thank you.” It always shut them up. But if I find out you raped or killed my daughter… Well, that leads me to my next topic:

7: Gun Control
Whether it’s by gun, knife, or fist, if a person wants to kill another person, he’s darn well gonna try. The weapon is not the problem. The morals of the people holding them is. But morality cannot be legislated. It, however, can be taught… by the parents.

Author: Saphrym

I am a father, husband, teacher, thinker, reader, and writer. I talk to inanimate objects which tend to talk back to me. Just kidding. They whisper.

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  1. God – You are right. We all have our own beliefs and subscribe to some type of religion whether it be Catholicism, Buddhism etc… we should be able to embrace everyone’s point of view. This also goes along with organized Religion. Live and let be.

    Evolution – The Bible I have always felt is a story book like any other. To believe that it is the word of God I feel is naive. I’m sure many points may be true or not and embellished or not. Bottom line it is a book like all others.

    Abortion – is a necessity for many reasons and the bottom line here is that we women have the right to choose what is best for us and should not allow the government to tell us what we can or cannot do – period!

    Flag burning – I see nothing wrong with expressing yourself in that manner. Remember it’s a free country.

    Capitol punishment – I’m on the fence with this one. While the thought a putting someone to death makes me cringe I know that if someone I cared about what hurt or killed by someone I would absolutely want the person to receive the death penalty and be put to death. I struggle with this.

    Gun control – I totally disagree with you. If there were no guns on the streets, shootings would decrease and therefore less people killed. I live in an area where it is not uncommon for ak47’s to be on the streets. That is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Guns should be banned.

    Thanks for this post, I enjoyed ranting on here.
    .-= Joanne Olivieri´s blog – Wordless Wednesday – Garden Paths =-.

  2. @Joanne Olivieri: Thanks for such an honest reply. I sometimes worry about posting these kinds of things because people tend to not really want to speak their mind. We have similar ideas. But what I want to thank you for is disagreeing with me. I love hearing the “other” side of the story. I’ve lived in a very similar area. I still believe that parents need to do some educating when it comes to guns. The actual control aspect is one of those I’m on the fence about. I know the original reason for freedom to arms, but I DO believe it has been misconstrued and abused. What do you think?

  3. @hj112: Arguing is not such a good thing, at least not in the context we seem to think of it as. Debating is much more productive. We should always be willing to listen to other people’s points of view. You never can tell, they may just be right, or they may help clear up a “mystery” you’ve been trying to figure out.

  4. saphrym, I believe it has been abused as well. It’s interpreted in many ways by many people. The argument I always hear is that it’s not the guns but the criminals who have them. I got into a heated debate once with someone who basically stated that if it weren’t guns it would be knives etc… which to me does ring true however with a knife, a criminal will injur or kill maybe one person. With a gun as in the fitness shootings this past week, many are injured and killed. Besides if there were some type of ban it would be a deterrent. Sure, people would still be able to purchase guns illegally but there would be less deaths and tragic crimes as a result.

    I am enjoying this debate :)
    .-= Joanne Olivieri´s blog – Squirrel Standoff =-.

  5. @Joanne Olivieri: Are you sure about that? When alcohol was illegal, the death toll was higher because of the “gangs” fighting over control of it’s sale. When it became legal, those deaths went down. So if guns were illegal, they’d end up becoming part of the “underworld” even more so than they are today. And since licensing has increased, it’s actually become a deterrent of break-ins, just because there might be a gun on the other side of that window/door. What could we do to fix those?

  6. @CyberCelt: Yeah. I probably could have gone on and on, but I decided to pick 7 of them that have had the most “arguments” that I’ve seen. But thanks for the ideas. I might just have to do a few of those. ;)

  7. Very sensibly stated and I’m with you on pretty much all of it.

    I am against Capital Punishment because mistakes will always be made and it is so hard to put those ones right afterward. If we could be sure we would never kill the wrong person, I might think differently about it… not sure.
    .-= Ken Armstrong´s blog – Charity Shop Stalwarts =-.

  8. One of the points that I’ve only rarely seen made about gun control is that if a gun is used to kill, it’s a lot easier for the killer to disconnect from the victim. When fists or knives are used, the perpetrator has to get in close to the victim and be aware of what he or she is doing. A gun allows them to stay at a distance, allows the crime to be almost impersonal and therefore easier to commit.

    As I come from the UK, discussing gun control and the death penalty comes relatively easily. There doesn’t seem to be the same taboo over either. And, come to think about it, the same probably applies to most of your other topics other than God and religion. Perhaps we just don’t get heated over anything.

  9. @A.: I hadn’t thought about those differences between gun and knife. It makes sense. See? This is why I like mature debates. I learn something new. Now I must think this one over. ;) I know a few people from the UK. It does seem to be less political in nature when it comes to certain topics than it does here in the U.S.

  10. Wow. That’s really brave of you to make this post! I don’t often raise these topics myself but that is more to do with my own ambivalence. It is interesting the link you draw between gun control and capital punishment and the reason you give for doing so. To this day, I would still gladly go out and kill the people who murdered my friend. But do I feel they should have been put to death? No. Or rather, I respect the government of the country where they are incarcerated and I respect that for that government to work, it is necessary for death penalty to not be an option. Not sure if that makes sense.
    .-= Emm´s blog – Dispatches – Terror in Mumbai =-.

  11. There’s a problem with discussing these because the majority people hold an extreme view one way or the other. Worse, many people can’t really explain why they believe they’re right and haven’t considered the other side of the coin. Here’s where I stand:

    1) God: I respect what others believe. I hate to see people who devote their life to debunking the beliefs of others.

    2) Organised religion: Fine when the purpose is to bring like-minded people together in their faith. Wrong when they discriminate against people because of their lifestyle.

    3) Evolution: Who knows how God works? It’s only fair to teach religion and science to give a balanced view.

    4) Abortion: I’m almost 100% against abortion, except in exceptional circumstances – rape, medical complications.

    5) Flag burning: If someone thinks it adds weight or gains respect for their message, go ahead. I don’t see a problem.

    6) Capitol punishment: I’m 100% against the death sentence under any circumstances. Mistakes can be made.

    7) Gun control: I believe in licensing. The licensee should be of sound mind, no criminal convictions and responsible for keeping the gun secure.
    .-= John´s blog – Painted Lady on Brambles =-.

  12. To my opinion capitol punishment is worse than a sin. I just read an article of a priest who many years escorted defendants to the electric chair and to the bed where poison is injected. When he began he thought this penalty is right. After he retired he knows this is wrong and even for the one reason that mistakes happen and innocents are being executed.
    .-=´s blog – brilliant simple acceleratd reading excercise =-.

  13. Well I guess I’m gonna fry at the stake…. I’ve hit each of those topics several times and ruffled more then a hen house full of feathers…

    I do believe in capitol punishment but only under certain extreme circumstances. I also believe that if the convicted is later proved innocent, the prosecuting attorneies should be given the same exact sentence they fought for during the original case.
    .-= Mar Matthias Darin´s blog – Chrysler scraps 2010 electric car =-.

  14. Those topics are indeed taboo.

    1) Indeed, I agree with you, we all have our own (special) way of connecting to God.
    2) I don’t know what to say, it cuts both ways.
    3) Mmmm… very complex and hard topic. I personally don’t believe in the Big Bang if we’re still at this topic.
    4) Abortion is crime. Also, it’s a delicate subject to treat.
    5) I don’t know
    6) Capitol punishment is also crime and not necessarely.
    7) Eh..

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