I crave your eyes.
I crave their deep souls.
I crave your lips.
I crave the honeysuckle kisses.
I crave your life.
I crave its ruby existence.
I crave your mind.
I crave our silly conversations.
I crave your smile.
I crave the happy warmth.
I crave your world.
I crave to exist in its golden heaven.
I crave everything about you.

But mostly I crave the simple love you give me in all moments throughout our prior and future lives within a universe that would be only dark if your eyes, lips, life, mind, smile, and world did not exist in it for all of eternity with me by your side wishing for you the most happiness that could ever be accomplished in this gloriously shining life that is much more glorious because you do love me and I know you do and I love you and always will because you are the light in my eyes, the craving of my soul, and the true meaning of my existence and I will forever be thankful to your mother for one thing: your birth.1

  1. Created for my wife’s birthday on July 25th, 2008 []