I recently did something that felt weird. I posted a tweet that said “You are beautiful!” I didn’t target it to anyone. I just let it fly, and considering my tweets get “automagically” posted in other places, it went all over.

Why do I say it felt weird? Because it’s a very odd feeling to say that to perfect strangers. I knew it was going to be read by people who didn’t know me. I knew it might be an odd experience for them. But the thing is, although it was a weird experience, it felt good!

Everyone who responded loved it. And so I did it a second time and it felt just as good.

So why this post? Why is this post going to get shared all over Twitter very soon? Because I think people need to tell others how amazing they are. The world is full of hate, especially the anonymous Internet. This is a simple way to tell others how amazing they are, make them smile, and add a little joy to their lives.

So this is what I want you to do: Tweet out the title of this post. I’m making it easy for you to do below. And I’m serving up two flavors: one with a link to this post and one without so you can choose.

With a link to this post:

Without a link to this post:

And you don’t have to make it to everyone either. Feel free to tell even a single person how much of an amazing human being they are:

Just add the #yaaahb tag so we know how far the message is reaching. Here’s an easy way for you to do so:

Here’s an image you can use anywhere. Feel free to edit it any way you want or even make your own:

Pass on the message. Make a stranger’s day. Let everyone know they are amazing human beings!

Check this link to see far the message is spreading: Twitter Search for #yaaahb