It’s been almost exactly a year since last time I posted on this site. I apologize for that. A lot has happened in the last year that has kept me busy. For instance, I am the Chief Minion (Yes that is my actual title.) for PurpleMentat, a YouTuber I loved to watch and now work for. My nephews have also moved in with us. So there are six people living in the house now. And I’ve also decided to start creating content again.
PurpleMentat was the first person to offer me a job in the last few years. I’ve applied to many places. But now… I couldn’t have a better boss. He’s a great guy. He makes great videos. And I enjoy hanging out with his community every day.
My nephews were not in the best place. Their lives have been rather hectic and unhealthy. So we managed to get them here with us. They are happy and working towards a better education.
As for the last piece of news, I’m going to be creating my own YouTube videos. I also have a fictional blog that should be launched very soon. I’m quite excited to show it off. It’s been in the works for years. I’m also having a lot of fun learning the various Adobe creative tools since my wife is now a teacher and we have an educational subscription giving us access to ALL of them.(I'm in creator heaven.) So expect a few random things to come out of my experiments with the software. For instance, I just learned a bit about Adobe Audition, an audio editing program, and the result of a recent goofy moment is here:

I almost forgot. I also started a Patreon campaign. I would love for you to check it out.
And one other thing: Come chat with me in my Discord channel. I’d love to hang out with you.
Saph looks around the site and smiles.
“It’s good to be home.”