“Qoozins” was the name I came up with for some cartoon characters I created a long time ago. I made them based off people I knew and animals we had.

Old SaphrymSaphrym
The guy with the three hairs on the top of his head was actually a redesign of an old logo I used to use to represent Saphrym.

I wanted to redo him to fit the new style I wanted to use for the Qoozins brand.

I also made another change. The pink bear was to represent my daughter’s online alias of Coral J. Bear. However, she no longer likes pink. She loves purple now. So I recently redesigned her:

Purple Coral J. Bear

That’s it for the Qoozins. I don’t know if I’ll make any more of these, but I do still like them. So maybe one day I will.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed these. Maybe I’ll make some more if there is any demand for them.