If you’ve seen the television show, “How I Met Your Mother,” you probably know about the rule to never do anything after 2 a.m. I do not fully agree with that rule as some of my best work has come after 2 a.m., but I will offer this little example of what happens when it is after 2 a.m., I’m sitting in a new chat room to test it out, and I start typing…

[02:52]Saphrym: Hello?
[02:52]Saphrym: How are you?
[02:52]Saphrym: I’m fine. You?
[02:52]Saphrym: Good. Could always be better of course.
[02:52]Saphrym: Of course.
[02:52]Saphrym: So, how do you like that show Game of Thrones?
[02:53]Saphrym: Loving it. I want to read the books now.
[02:53]Saphrym: Me too.
[02:53]Saphrym: Well, duh. You are me.
[02:53]Saphrym: Oh. Right. Sorry. Forgot.
[02:53]Saphrym: Awkward.
[02:54]Saphrym: Tell me about it.
[02:54]Saphrym: I just did.
[02:54]Saphrym: Oh.

So there you have it. A chat room, two minutes of free time, and a 2 a.m. “giddyness.” This is the kind of stuff I do. And to think, I was alone in there with no plans to share any of this with you guys until I read it over again and decided, why not.