OK, so here it goes, I’m going to give you one of the biggest tips you could ever have for writing: Commit. Commit the pen to paper. Commit your fingers to the keys. No matter what your writing preference, commit to writing. There are quite a few ways of doing this:

  • Give yourself a schedule for your writing projects. Write a blog post every day or week. Write an essay every week. Write a short story every month.
  • Be held accountable. Tell your audience when you will write. Tell your significant other when you will write.
  • And here’s one I’m doing this year: NaNoWriMo
  • NEW: Write a blog post every week. Project 52.

With National Novel Writing Month, you basically sign up to say, “I’m going to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.” And here’s the great part: It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. It’s just about the writing. Of course, you can always edit it afterwards and maybe turn it into a best seller, but November is about getting words on paper.

Sorry I’m a little late mentioning this one, as it started yesterday, but you can still sign up. You’ll just have to write a few more words each day.

As to the original concept behind this post, commit, it’s a very simple tip. If you want to get better at writing, you have to write more. If you want your writing to get noticed, you have to write more. If you want more ideas, you have to write more. Commit to writing and writing will commit to you.